Want some FREE help on your presentation?

Yes I'm serious, free help. It's how I get clients...try before you buy. Send me either a short video clip, or online link (1-3 minutes) or some text of your speech (outlines are fine) and I will give you feedback. All free. No catches. Totally confidential (obviously NDAs are fine if I coach you).


How presentation coaching works 

I try not to take myself too seriously. And sometimes I tell really bad Dad jokes. But I have spent most of my working life in the world of public speaking; having given thousands of talks and evaluated over 10,000 speeches. From this experience, I don't agree with much of the conventional "wisdom" out

there in teaching presentation skills. What is missing

from most of it, is that personal touch in com-

munication. There is no cookie -cutter approach

to speaking. Sure, there are some generalizations

but if a speaker loses their own voice, then it be-

comes impossible to give a unique presentation. 

I think the best way to describe my coaching is this:


                   You do you...just do your best.


                     I can help you get there.



The Initial Presentation Offering  For those that are new to giving presentations. 

Hack my speech

Mid level speakers. Took speech in college but professor made them learn meditation.

pimp my talk

For those with a good amount of experience ready to lead the


Types of presentation coaching:

A coaching session with Jeremy Teitelbaum helped Tamara Jane master her presentation and close sales.

Tamara Jane Martin, RN, Health Coach