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the Brain

The Science of how we connect, communicate and collaborate

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A revolutionary new book that uses the latest in brain science to dispel the communication myths and teach you how to truly communicate, connect and collaborate with everyone you meet!


Are you ready to transform the way you communicate? 

Imagine you could better convey your ideas to colleagues, leaders or followers...

What if you could improve the relationships you have with people inside and outside the workplace?

If your teams spent less time on miscommunication would problem solving be improved?

When employees feel heard, understood, and appreciated are they more productive?

If all organizational members were always in the "loop" would profits increase?

Who would benefit from improving speaking, persuasiveness and leadership?

How would life be better if we argued less, agreed more, and understood better?

If you have struggled in the past with effective communication you are not alone. 

Over 70% of employees cite poor communication as the number one problem at work.

We struggle with connecting because we are different.

Our brains are programmed to determine our communication styles.

But we can learn to shift our communication. 

We are not victim to our genetic programming or psychological pasts!


  • Coaching

    I work with individuals and teams to develop powerful collaborative presentations for internal and external audiences.

  • Training

    Speak from the brain is a powerful training program to help teams and entire organizations communicate for effectively.

  • Online Learning

    My free, online resources help you to understand how to communicate from the brain and connect and collaborate with others.

Keynote presentations

Speak from the Brain can help your people.

Speak from the brain advert - 2 mins

Jeremy's talk on the brain and communication was one of the best talks we have had in years, and helped our team members better solve problems and communicate with each other.


                        -Jill Scala, Chair, Professional Development Santa Barbara City College 

Speak from the Brain by Jeremy B. Teitelbaum                                  8 4 4. 9 8 S P E A K

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